Double faces flat lapping machines are used in lapping of flatness and height.
The primary function of the pneumatic arrangement is to permit loading and unloading to be carried out without the need to lift pressure weights manually. However, they can be used to supply additional loadingto the components wthin the carrier r...

Lapping Machine
Polishing Machine
Flatness measuring Instruments
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Lapping and Polishing Abrasives

WenZhou HengMei Lapping Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of lapping machines and polishing machines in China.
We mainly produce CNC double faces lapping machines and single side polishing machines ,diamond lapping machines .
We also offer ultrasonic cleaning machines,flatness measuring instruments and abrasive, pads ,paste, and lapping vehicles ,such as diamond powder, ,silicon carbide , aluminium oxide, boron carbide.cerium oxide powder.

Polishing Machine,Lapping Machine,Double Faces Lapping Machine,Bipitch Diamant Plane Muller,Plane Polishing Machine
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